What is headless commerce?

    You heared about headless commerce but couldn't really touch your finger on the subject? We'll help you out so at your next networking party you can walk the walk and talk the talk.
    Will food delivery save retail?
      With the news out that IKEA and Albert Heijn will start doing food delivery at home (in The Netherlands), it's interesting how the reinvention of retail is further expanding beyond already blurry borders.
      Our predictions for A.I. in 2019
      2019 will further mature AI, chat and voice. Artificial Intelligence has always been a word that serves a lot of purposes. Looking into 2019, we make predictions on 4 domains where we think Artificial Intelligence could make a dent the coming year.
      How Apple is disrupting payments
      Apple is finally coming back from the fortress strategy it was building for the past 4 years. Read here how they are disrupting the payment industry in a way only Apple does.
      The chatbot paradox: what chatbot is perfect for your business
      As chatbots for a lot of people is still unknown territory, we almost start every workshop we give on chatbots with an introduction about the 'what are chatbots', 'why all the hype around chatbots', and what could they fundamentally mean for your business.
      Press Release - launch Shopitag
      The Shopitag platform helps SMEs to innovate their e-commerce activities, by allowing them to create simple online pop-up shops. Shopitag also supports brands and larger companies that want to get more out of conversational commerce.

      The day Uber became a PSP
      A newsworthy item that got plowed under a little in the whole #deletefacebook storm this week, is the fact that Uber has quietly applied for a payment processing license this week.

      Our Predictions for 2018 on ecommerce
      It goes without saying that for a company active in the domain of chatbots, mobile ecommerce and A.I., again it will be an exciting year! In this story we gladly share with you some items that keep us awake at night (out of excitement).
      Food ordering through a chatbot
      — why it matters
      If you think about it for a moment, it makes quite some sense to have a chatbot for food ordering. There is the obvious fact that people need to eat and drink every day, so from a recurrent point of view, it's a good start. However, be aware there's no inherent correlation, so thinking in terms of "Edo, ergo chatbot" is not the best approach.