Our commerce platform builds bridges in a fragmented digital world.

We help classic brands & retailers to create a consistent digital experience in all channels - both offline & online.

Do you have a complex customer journey?

We like that.
On-the-go, online, in-store
We help you identify your customer in the channels they use, both offline and online. We keep track of your customer and unify sources.
Bridge fragmentation
Legacy systems like older ECR (cash registers) often miss key capabilities to handle changed customer behaviour, especially in retail.
Personalise on the right moment
Your customer journey has many micro-moments where personalisation via digital channels can make a big difference.
Enrich your user profile data
Your webshop, your in-store, your payment transactions all contain valuable data that can help build userprofiles. We excel in building that.
Creating conversion
Smart placement of products, adaptation to context and even proposing goods to get to free shipping, increase value per user.
Delivery and payment means
Our commerce platform supports both local ordering, pick-up, delivery or click-to-collect scenarios with your own payment means.
A data-driven digital commerce platform that allows you to reach your customers on-line, in-store and on-the-go. True omnichannel: from communication to order & pay.

We identify and follow the customer in their interactions with your business, whether you are a brand or a retailer. Seamless integration of online with offline touchpoints is the start of real unified commerce.
For Retail & Classic brands
Shopitag +
For the vast majority of small retailers and brick-and-mortar shops,
e-commerce is too time-consuming and too tedious for little results.

Shopitag helps small retailers with a simple App that acts as both a way to do marketing, as a way to run their e-shop.
For small retailers
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